Save it, don’t pave it, Hidden Valley

Forced provincial growth and leap-frog development over the Toronto Greenbelt continues to deteriorate the Waterloo Moraine’s natural capital and natural history. Waterloo Region has been overwhelmed by urban sprawl. Kitchener and Waterloo Region Councils are being asked to spend over $65,000,0000 on the River Road extension where endangered species have been confirmed to occur.

Furthermore, it would be imprudent for local Councils to support this road alignment and trigger an Environmental Assessment, due to insufficient data and biased public consultation process. This is alarming as it indicates a lack of transparency and accountability.

A few examples of outstanding issues:

  • In the past, citizens provided the names of other endangered species thought to reside in Hidden Valley. Have there been studies conducted to confirm/deny the presence of these species? If no studies were done, why were these public comments disregarded?
  • Endangered species have been confirmed to occur along the proposed preferred road route. Why does the current preferred road route continue to follow this path? The Official Plan for the City of Kitchener and Region of Waterloo, both state development should avoid the destruction or harm of land that supports endangered species.
  • Why have lost water volumes have not been addressed. Any attempt to address this matter after approving the road alignment would be putting the cart ahead of the horse.

After asking if residents support spending $65,000,000+ to build a road that will adversely affect a significant urban paradise like Hidden Valley, encourages our Councillors to vote NO to the proposal as presented. Save it, don’t pave it, Hidden Valley!