Save Hidden Valley – May 17 urgent action needed

Hello all environmentalists, hikers, and people who care about clean air, clean water, nesting and migratory birds, diverse trees and wildflowers, beavers, wetlands, species at risk, and beautiful ESPAs:
As the population of the Region grows at a never-before-experienced rate, it would be wonderful if we could guarantee that Hidden Valley, Kitchener, could be protected from development and saved as aKitchener landmark Natural Area Park.  Located near the Grand River and highway 8, Hidden Valley is a unique, exceptionally beautiful, 200 acre area, designated by the Region as Environmentally Sensitive Policy Area #27.  What better time to save this area to become a significant Kitchener Park, than as the city celebrates it Centennial, next year! 
Jefferson salamanders, a species at risk, were found in Hidden Valley two years ago: since then, planners have been researching these rare salamanders. Jeffersons indicate that Hidden Valley is currently a very healthy  area. The Species at Risk Act, unfortunately, does not guarantee that these salamanders, or their habitat,  will be protected. The River Rd. extension may cut into their vernal breeding pools. Heavy and Light Industrial “parks,” a business “park” and subdivision could pollute the 3 Provincially Significant Wetlands and impact 25% of the Region’s drinking water. Nesting and migratory birds could lose their homes and sanctuaries. Wildflowers and resident animals would also loose their habitats, if development proceeds.
Some places are just too special to develop, and the Friends of Hidden Valley think Hidden Valley is one such area. Turning the area into a large natural-area park near the centre of the Region would be a wonderful gift for generations to come!
The River Rd. Extension Public Consultation Centre (PCC) event is described below. Please note the Planning and Works committee date, and the Q_A period on Tuesday May 17 from 7-8.  If River Rd. is extended around Hidden Valley, it will open the area to  development, permitted due to out-dated Kitchener zoning.
Please save the date and come to the  PCC … and bring your friends and families who are concerned about inappropriate development close to the Regions’ reservoirs for 25% of our drinking water.  Hope to see you there. Please share this information!
The Friends of Hidden Valley website is