Love In for the Waterloo Moraine

All You Can Eat Pete and his crew of DJ’s and musicians will be spinning peace and love tunes to ensure resource security for future generations.

There is increasing concern in the Grand River Cities about the health of the Waterloo Moraine.

Our Moraine provides groundwater for hundreds of thousands of residents, is the habitat for threatened species, is some of the richest farmland in the world, and has tremendous natural heritage value. Unfortunately it continues to be degraded by urban sprawl and a legacy of industrial pollution.

Local scholar Thomas Homer-Dixon has outlined the threat of resource scarcity leading to violence. Minority groups in the watershed have outlined concerns regarding fear of hatred and violence.

All You Can Eat Pete’s last educational video to protect the Waterloo Moraine can be viewed at:

It’s a municipal election year, let’s ensure the Waterloo Moraine remains a stable, safe, and secure place to raise a family and make a living for everyone. Save it, don’t pave it, the Waterloo Moraine!