H.U.G. Waterloo save the Waterloo Moraine!

Help Urbanize the Ghetto Waterloo to save the Waterloo Moraine!

On Monday, Janaury 11 and Monday Janaury 18 @ 6:30 pm, in Council Chambers, Waterloo City Council will be discussing the issue of intensifying the student ghetto in Waterloo. Our governments’ mandate has been to destroy the Waterloo Moraine with urban sprawl while Northdale, in the centre of City, has been left to decay. It is time to speak up for future generations resource security. Past generations left us clean water and natural heritage. Let’s do our part for future generations.

Let your voice be heard. Please send a H.U.G. to politicians by:

  1. Calling the Mayor and let her know you support the intensification of Northdale in order to save the Waterloo Moraine.
  2. Sending the following email to Waterloo City Council with the subject line: A H.U.G. for Waterloo